Custodial Service

You’ve written your Will and have signed it, with two witnesses of your choice. But how to secure it? Where should you keep it? Some people may say keep it in a safe deposit box, while others may say just keeping it in a drawer would do.

What if there was a fire? Theft? Flood? Or any other mishaps? There is a solution – Custodial Service from WillsMalaysia can help you.

  • You write your Will, we keep it for you.
  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s a lifetime service.
  • You pay only once!

Make as many changes as you want - any number of times. Sign it and send us your Last Will & Testament. Our lawyers will safeguard it for you.

Let your loved ones be at ease. Always safe and secure.

We extend the same service to safeguard your Power of Attorney as well.