List Your Belongings, Digital Assets and Important Contacts

Many people have money sitting in dormant accounts, often unnoticed and forgotten about for years. There are many life events where we buy or sell a house, buy a car, have a child and many more but we don’t keep up to date a comprehensive document that covers all these.

Most people have more than one bank account, many online accounts for financial programs like asset management, investments, shares and many more. Executors face a challenge in gathering the necessary information about the deceased’s assets and wealth during this difficult process. They may not know where the list ends.

MyLastWill™ and MyLegacy™ have teamed up to provide a unique solution in ensuring that your Executor has a complete list of assets and people to contact – only when they need them. You may use MyLegacy™ to list your assets and account details and note the important people in your life who should be notified of your passing. You may then create MyKeyCard® holders who will have access to this key information after you have passed away.

MyLegacy™ is convenient, secure and a modern-day solution to ease the life of your chosen Executor, once you are no longer around.