Document Your Funeral Wishes & Organ Donation Preference

Documenting your funeral wishes is necessary and important for several reasons. Your loved ones will be able to carry out your exact wishes you desired. They also can budget for the funeral service, and most of all - it gives your family peace of mind, knowing they are honoring you as you wished.

MyLastWish™ takes care of all the minute details, providing you assurance and ease knowing your wishes will be appropriately dictated and communicated to your family after your passing. Common details to include in your MyLastWish™ include preferences like burial or cremation ceremonies, open or closed caskets, desire for a specific location for ashes, and choices regarding organ donations. There are endless ways your funeral service may go; it is better to ensure it goes the way you want, rather than leaving this significant ceremony up to chance.

The MyLastWish™ wizard asks all the relevant questions regarding your funeral service, and you may answer as many, or as little questions as you may wish. By making this significant decision now, you will be happy knowing your final wishes will be relayed to your loved ones. 

The Wizard also covers your organ donation preferences. You may at your discretion elect to donate your whole body, parts of your body, or not at all.

As with all WillsMalaysia services, unlimited changes to your MyLastWish™ is completely free of charge. MyLastWish™ is the only service that can ensure your final thoughts and wishes will be communicated to your loved ones.

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