Prepare Final Messages

There will always be messages that we would like to share with our loved ones, our friends, and families after our passing. You might want to tell someone how much you loved them, or how you want to be remembered. You might want to express your thanks to someone that helped you in your life, or laugh about all the happy memories you may have shared. Now, you can do just that, with MyLastMessage™.

This complimentary service is provided to all our WillsMalaysia members, completely free of charge. With a touch of a button, you will be able to record video messages, attach pictures or documents, and even dictate voice messages for your loved ones. After your passing, your chosen KeyCard® holder will access your account and with a click of a button, WillsMalaysia will deliver each of your messages to its specified recipient. This ensures that the person you designated as the recipient of your message will be the only one that gets to see it.

Like all WillsMalaysia services, the MyLastMessage™ service allows our members to make unlimited changes completely free of charge. Additionally, your messages are stored on a secure server and are held to the highest privacy standards, as with all WillsMalaysia services. We only use the toughest and safest encryption methods to store all your information on so that you may have peace of mind knowing your information is safe, secure, and supported.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell your spouse you love them one last time? Or if you could tell your children how proud you are of them? With WillsMalaysia, you can rest in peace knowing your loved ones will be able to see what your final thoughts and wishes were for them.

Join for FREE right now, and you can use the MyDigiSafe™, MyLastMessage™ and MyLastWish™ services free of charge for 1 year.