How Does it Work

Here's how it works, in a nutshell:

  1. As a WillsMalaysia member, you will have to input all relevant information into our handy Wizard for MyLastWill™, MyHealthPoA™, MyLegacy™, MyDigiSafe™, MyLastWish™, MyLastMessage™ and other services. After this, you will name at least one person as your KeyCard® holder. The documents will then be stored on secure server.
  2. Your KeyCard® holder(s) will be notified of their responsibilities and given a secure ID to be used for accessing your documents at the appropriate time. If you wish, you may also send each KeyCard® holder their secure ID printed onto a plastic wallet card for safe keeping.
  3. As a WillsMalaysia member, you are able to make unlimited changes to any documents you have with us - all free of charge!
  4. In the event you become mentally incapacitated, or have passed away, your KeyCard® holder(s) may request to view your documents on the server. To prevent unauthorized access to your documents, a notification will be sent to you that a KeyCard® holder is trying to view your documents. If you do not respond to the notification within a specified period of time (of your choosing), then the documents will be released to your KeyCard® holder(s), as you had wished.

WillsMalaysia members may choose any number of KeyCard® holders. Members may also designate specific sections of their documents for access to specific KeyCard® holders. After this, the KeyCard®holders have the power to unlock the will after the member’s passing.

Each KeyCard® holder has access to chosen sections of the document, for instance WillsMalaysia member Lim may assign Annie to only access MyLastWish and Jason to only access MyLegacy but assigns Margaret to access all. is completely secure and ensures the member’s privacy at all times. Only authorized access by the correct KeyCard® holder at the right time, as specified by the member, will be able to view the member’s documents.

Join for FREE right now, and you can use the MyDigiSafe™, MyLastMessage™ and MyLastWish™ services free of charge for 1 year.