Upload Your Important Digital Assets

If something were to happen to you today, would your loved ones be able to find the documents that they need? Do you have a spreadsheet that includes all of your accounts and passwords? Maybe you have been working on a novel, or have some family recipes. Perhaps you have photographs of your great grandparents. Or copies of your insurance policy, or a deed to your property? There may be countless legal, personal and financial documents that need to get to the right people -- at the right time. You can do this using MyDigiSafe™.

With MyDigiSafe™, you may upload all of your important files and documents (your "digital assets"). We ensure granting access to your documents once your DigiSafe has been unlocked by your designated KeyCard® holder -- all after you have passed away. You may add or remove assets from your DigiSafe at any time and we will take care of protecting your documents.

The MyDigiSafe™ allows you to upload voice, pictures or video messages. Let your imagination be your guide as to how you wish to be remembered. All you have to do is provide critical information to your loved ones. At the appropriate time, your designated KeyCard® holder will be able to unlock your DigiSafe and view the contents.

Your DigiSafe is completely private and safe. Due to the secure encryption methods used to store your information at, what you have uploaded cannot be seen by others, not even anyone at The only persons able to view the contents of your DigiSafe is you and your designated KeyCard® holder(s), that too, only after they have requested access after you have passed away.

You may also make unlimited updates for the rest of your life. You may keep your DigiSafe active with throughout your entire life, updating the documents whenever you please. When the time is right, we will inform your KeyCard® holder(s) where your DigiSafe is located, so that they may access it from anywhere in the world, after you have passed away.

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