Power Of Attorney

People often wonder why they may need a Power of Attorney; this legal mechanism is not solely for the rich and powerful, everyone should make sure they have a Power of Attorney to ensure their wishes can be carried out -- seamlessly and with affordability. In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, the person you have chosen as your Power of Attorney will make potentially life-changing decisions on your behalf. If you are incapacitated, or in a state where you cannot make decisions, your Attorney will be the most important person making significant decisions in your life. The MyPoA™ service at WillMalaysia will ensure you may have a high degree of confidence that your wishes regarding your health, safety, and other important factors will be made by someone you trust.

The MyPoA™ service is completed using our Wizard that guides you through all the necessary steps via questions to create a thorough and complete Power of Attorney -- all without the expensive cost of appointing a lawyer to create one. All you have to do is pick a person to act on your behalf for your health, financial and business matters for moments where you yourself will be unable to act. Our handy MyPoA™ wizard is written in simple language, ensuring you will not need to be a legal expert to understand the process. All you have to do is write what your wishes are for the Power of Attorney to make decisions, and takes care of the rest. We will format your requests, inputting your decisions into a legal document.

You may choose your Power of Attorney to be effective immediately or take effect when you become incapacitated. It’s all about Your Legacy, and You Decide.

Once you have created your Power of Attorney, you may then meet up with our lawyers for attestation of your Power of Attorney, and formally register in the courts. This ensures it is a valid legal document.

As with all our services, the Power of Attorney is affordable, convenient and fast. You may make unlimited changes to this document -- at no cost, and it will be stored in our secure online location ensuring your security and privacy at all times. This life-affecting decision about your legal, financial and business matter will save you thousands of dollars later on.

All with the first smart right step. Just so to ensure your future. Watch these short videos to understand more.

Types of Power of Attorney

Choosing your Attorney

MyPoA How does it work