KeyCard Advantage

The KeyCard® Advantage

The main problem people face when creating important legal documents like their will or power of attorney is that they fail to let their family and friends know where they are storing these documents. Even if your loved ones are aware, they often forget. There is also no guarantee your documents can be kept safe. Often, these documents are not even stored in a secured place. Rather they are mostly kept in private homes.

The Solution

The solution to this problem is our KeyCard® holder system. This system designates people you solely select to gain access to your documents after you pass away. WillsMalaysia informs your chosen KeyCard® holders the location of your important documents. Our system includes a unique messaging service that allows you to notify your KeyCard Holders and describe the exact location of the important documents you have chosen to share with them.

This service is optional and provided completely free of charge to all members of WillsMalaysia. No other company in the market offers such unique and significant services to its members -- free of charge. As WillsMalaysia is committed in ensuring the best service to our members and to make the legal work associated with one’s assets as seamless as possible.

As with all WillsMalaysia services, privacy is of the utmost importance. Your documents and asset list is stored on a fully encrypted secure server, ensuring no one is able to read them, including the folks at WillsMalaysia. You are able to make an unlimited number of changes to your documents, completely free of charge.

As a member, you have the ability to also store your legal documents like your will and power of attorney online with our secure server. This service is also completely optional and free, allowing you to take advantage of the several benefits this offers you.

By storing your documents on our server, you will be able to make unlimited modifications and updates to your documents at no charge, and you will also be able to locate them from anywhere, anytime you want.

The Security

The KeyCard® holders system is completely secure and protects your privacy. This advanced security protocol ensures there will be no unauthorized access to your information without your knowledge or permission. As a WillsMalaysia member, you can specify up to 10 people to gain access to your will and other documents when the time is right. Each person you choose can only gain access to specific portions of specific documents that you have chosen earlier, such as:

    • your funeral wishes
    • sending final messages that you have pre-written to your family or friends
    • the contents of your Last Will and Testament
    • your Power of Attorney document, which contains directions about the handling of your finances, business or health -- if you are incapacitated
    • important files and documents that you uploaded to your DigiSafe


This KeyCard® system also includes security parameters protecting the integrity of your information and preventing unauthorized access to your documents. All of these secure mechanisms, in addition to being free, are completely customizable by you.