My Spouse Will


The MySpouseWill service with WillsMalaysia allows members to create a Will for their spouses that mirrors their will. With the click of a button, all the details and relevant information in your Will, will be exported to a separate Will for your spouse, saving you time and money with a 40% discount. The spouse is able to name each other as their main beneficiary. It even allows for an alternate beneficiary - should something happen to the couple.

The design for MySpouseWill is to ensure the spouse gets their own account and manage their own will. The wizard pretty much allows you to transfer data from you to your spouse, saving your spouse much input time and repetition. It was never the intention of one account holder to be able to manage both wills. The system was designed with privacy and security in mind. We respect you and your spouse’ privacy as two separate individuals.

Purchasing MySpouseWill has two benefits:

  1. Save a whopping 40% from the individual price
  2. Save time on data input and repetition tasks

The process to follow is:

  1. Individual1 tries MyLastWill
  2. Individual1 purchases MyLastWill
  3. Individual1 purchases MySpouseWill for Individual2
  4. Individual1 uses MySpouseWill wizard to transfer data to create a separate will account for Individual2
  5. Individual2 then logs in and maintains MyLastWill for him/her self.

This way both individuals get to use MyDigiSafe, MyLastMessage and MyLastWish separately. Both individuals can then use these FREE products with their personal data and private information as they wish.